How to Find a Job in SEO Without Experience

How to Find a Job in SEO Without Experience

The profession of an SEO specialist is one of the most in-demand professions. The demand for SEO specialists is constantly growing, as well as for applications developer jobs. This is due to the growing presence of businesses on the Internet and the desire to be the first not only offline, but also online in search results. So, in this article, we will tell you a little more about what you need to know and what should have an SEO expert to get the first job in a digital agency.

How to become an SEO-optimizer and where to start training

Training should begin with the very basics. After learning the basics, you can safely apply for a position as an assistant SEO-optimizer. In this position, you can become better acquainted with the search engines, their work, and the rules, which can not be neglected. This profession requires hands-on experience and the ability to introspect. On average, it may take you 6 to 12 months to gain useful experience and qualify for the position of an independent SEO-optimizer, and therefore for higher pay.

Tips for beginners to find a job as an SEO-optimizer

Today, the job offers the opportunity to find a job for both experienced SEO specialists and beginners without experience, but with burning eyes for enthusiasm and valuable ideas. It all depends on how persistent you are in achieving your goal – to get a permanent job or extra income, and how much money you expect to receive. We offer you some useful tips so that you can quickly find yourself a great place in SEO. They are equally effective for beginners without experience and for experienced optimizers who have decided to change their job. And so, let’s go!

Write a proper resume

Most candidates don’t take creating a resume and filling it out seriously. They fill it out at the last minute before sending it to employers or hr-specialists. The competition in SEO today is enormous. There are a very large number of novice SEO specialists who send resumes to SEO agencies. In order to at least pay attention to your candidacy, you need to make a resume that contains as much information about you and your self-development in this direction. Given the fact that as such you have no experience, be sure to include: what courses you have reviewed, even if you do not have a certificate; what you have tried to do yourself; a few test assignments completed by you. Also, be sure to include what you like about the profession and why you are the right person for the job.

Register on freelance sites

Signing up for freelance profile exchanges will give you access to a huge number of short-term and one-time projects. In addition to one-time services on the exchanges (with relatively modest profits), you can find regular customers interested in promoting the site. But you should understand that working remotely with small projects will give you a good practical experience rather than real money. Take freelance exchanges as a springboard to practice your skills and abilities.


Anyone who wants to work and grow as a specialist in the field of SEO needs to be patient and persistent. This is a promising profession that pays very decently, so you have something to work for. Building a portfolio, earning credibility, and gathering a base of clients-all of these are tasks that require activity, creativity, positivity, and a lot of communication skills.